Thursday September 25th, 2014

Autumn has finally arrived. After enjoying my late-holidays in Vienna and experiencing two weeks of chaos that have left me K.O. every day before 10 pm, today has to add a new ‘back to’: my last back to university. How exciting is that! In less than 9 months I’ll be done with school and I have very positive feelings about it. I can’t wait to meet my friends, giving a refresh to my short-term goals and dreams, getting new stationery and also my wardrobe -I’m on the hunt for new basics!-.

This season I’m into black&white more than ever. In fact, I’ve already done some shopping: a huge black shopper bag and a classy, simple, black sunglasses (that kind of sunglasses that can last a lifetime). I’m also looking for a new warm piece, maybe a black coat to make a total black. There goes my back to work look for a true working girl!


Alba Benitez | Back to work1. Abrigo de lana, de Christophe Lemaire / 2. Bolso, de & Other Stories / 3. Salones negros, de Zara / 4. Falda de lana, de COS



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