Saturday March 22nd, 2014

This month I’ve fallen in love many, many times. It hasn’t been about specific items but concepts, despite some shops/brands are making it hard to me (we’re talking about Zara, for example). Let’s see my spring wishlist picks one by one!

MARCH/WISHLIST black and white picks

1. Wooden file storage from Lua Nord / 2. Leather backpack from KARA Handbags /
3. Pointy shoes from Zara / 4. Desk drawer from Oliver Franz for Ideaco

MARCH/WISHLIST rose and white picks

5. Wooden hand from Lua Nord / 6. Bougie parfumée from Anthropologie / 7. Body scrub ‘Punk Bouquet’ from & Other Stories / 8. Fresh flowers bouquet

I must confess that the past weeks I’ve paid a visit to Zara more than often, so I’m going through a personal challenge to avoid shopping these super cute shoes. I blame Geneva from A Pair & A Spare for this! The moment I saw her Instagram picture I loved the shoes. What do you think about them? Yay or Nay pointy shoes? The impossible-to-ever-have of the month is the small backpack from KARA Handbags. White leather looks gorgeous! But, again, it’s absolutely out of my budget so it’s going to run the same luck as the Isabel Marant sweatshirt from last months’s wishlist.

My crushes for this month come from some months ago so you can already forget about the wooden hand and the Antrhopologie candle. Sorry guys! Still, you can take a look at the fine candle selection from Anthropologie or wait until the hand is back in stock. Last but not least, IT’S SPRING! Soon we’ll be plenty of sunny and warm weather, fresh flowers and forgetting about jumpers and jackets. So, as I’m expecting to start with tanning my skin ASAP (just to leave behind the ultra-white shade of my legs), the best way to prepare for it is having a scrub treatment from & Other Stories.

Love to hear from you!



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