Sunday February 16th, 2014

Yesterday I noticed that most of the last items I’ve added to my shopping wishlist are pale pink (shades of pink actually). Today I start a new monthly post with my favorite picks for the February shopping. As usual, you can find the links under the pictures so you can find them easily.


1. Leather slipper from Mango / 2. Fluffy cushion from Anthropologie / 3. Sweater from Isabel Marant / 4. Pink gold bracelet from Jewelmint


5. 2014 daily planner from Julia Kostreva / 6. Desk drawer from Muji / 7. Desk storage from Anthropologie / 8. Full Exposure eyeshadow palette from Smashbox

Stationery items will never be missing in my wishlist. My latest obsession are Muji’s acryllic storage, although this time I want it to organize my jewelry instead my pens and pencils (I already bought a Muji pencilcase for that).
You must take a look at Julia Kostreva‘s studio, it’s awesome and she has gorgeous designs as the 2014 daily planner on my wishlist.
Last week I brought home a new pair of boots from Zara, so I’m covered up in terms of shoes. Nevertheless, I’m already looking for spring/summer garments and these pale pink shoes from Mango are so pretty… What do you think? I also want to improve the quality of my makeup, it’s not that I buy cheap stuff but definitely they’re not from Mac. I’ve put my eye on this eyeshadow palette from Smashbox, it’s called Full Exposure. It has the right shades of makeup that I use. Perfect!


Love to hear from you!



I didn’t receive any compensation from any of the brands mentioned avobe


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